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Selling Into Government As Part of Your Growth Strategy – Live Podcast 002

Watch the live stream here or listen to the podcast below.

Following hot on the heels of our last session on “Personal Branding” this month’s topic is, “Selling into government as part of your growth strategy”.

With over $50 billion to spend across six separate industries this coming budget cycle, the Victorian Government is a large and reliable market that is definitely worth considering.
Government wants and needs to work with industry to carry out its programs and activities.
If you’re not gaining traction, not sure where to start, or wonder if your business is of interest to government, then this free information session is a must.
Start your government sales journey with this free information session that demystifies the process and helps you develop effective strategies to gain government contracts.

Speaker: Deirdre Diamante
Deirdre Diamante is the founder and principal of MIA Consulting Services. Deirdre’s intimate knowledge of public sector procurement environments makes her a sought-after advisor for commercial and public-sector organisations alike. Her various educational programs are recognised by Business Victoria and Swinburne University; while her consulting expertise has helped companies of all sizes engage effectively with government and win business. Deirdre also works closely with government to implement industry and procurement programs and serves as Chair of the Victorian Council of the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA). Most recently Deirdre co-founded #TechDiversity and serves on its Board. The #TechDiversity Awards are in their 4th year celebrating programs that foster diversity in the tech space.