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Branding Podcast

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Brands symbolise a reputation, this principle can be transferred to personal branding.

This talk will focus on how to develop a strategy for your personal brand, including the importance of how to be memorable in a cluttered world.
We will discuss social media, website, scripting a language and photographic style for yourself or your business.
Examples of how branding is used in industry to create a unique point of difference will be shown.

Simone Taffe is Associate Professor of communication design at Swinburne, lecturing in branding and participatory design.
Simone’s research builds on 15 years of experience in the design industry, being involved in large-scale branding projects.
This experience made Simone appreciate the importance of including end-user views for the acceptability of design projects. Simone’s research addresses how co-design influences the design process.
Simone is an award-winning teacher, with several Australia-wide awards for the innovative use of problem-based learning in design education.