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SBS Business Program

SBS has put out a casting call for participants in a new ‘business experiment’. They are looking for entrepreneurs who have struggled to gain or sustain employment and have a great businesses idea. From the application, it seems as though this will be a ‘Master Chef’ of business with an eight-week program conducted by ‘the country’s most prolific business leaders’ designed to give applicants the tools to make their business idea a success. Filming will take place between August and October 2017 and applicants must be over 18 and either live in Sydney or be able to relocate there for filming.

The application asks for some very specific information including:
• Work history
• Background and childhood
• Feelings about your current job
• Reason why you haven’t gotten/been able to keep a job
• Your business idea (Including elevator pitch and why it’s different from anything else)
• Your social media links (because it’s 2017)
• Photo of yourself
• One minute video describing you and your business idea

Speculating, this could be related to SBS’s ‘Small Business Secrets’ program that airs on Sunday afternoons. This program features profiles of successful entrepreneurs and SME’s with an accompanying website featuring tips and tricks for small business.