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Some of my favourite apps

Appiness is a world of information at my fingertips.

The Aus Weather (iPad/iPhone) and Aus Weather (Android) app provides comprehensive coverage of climate conditions in my suburb and throughout Australia.

The rainfall app has a big radar screen showing where the rain is coming from and how heavy it will be. Particularly during summer it is handy to view the Fire Ready (iPad/iPhone) and Fire Ready (android) app and and see if any fires are close by.

Apps enable me to peruse my banking and the stock market. If I don’t understand a word there is the dictionary app and if I want directions I have an atlas. Apps lead me to websites, though I don’t use these as much, and I can quickly access Google.

To keep up to date I have national and international news apps.

Should I need amusement there are games to play.

Best of all though is the photo app, the best brag book a grandma could have….and all at the tap of a finger!

Zoe Sterling
Guest Blogger

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