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Online Shopping

Online shopping can be frustrating.
Take the time I wanted to buy a sheet set I saw advertised in the paper by a Manchester retailer.
I called up the website and took time finding the required item.
Even longer discovering where to locate the size and colour.
After that I wasn’t sure where to go so I meandered over the site.
Finally a cart appeared and I realised I have to place my item in it.
No sooner done than I landed back where I started.

A mistake, I thought, and repeated the process. Again. And again. Eventually I opened my trolley and found I had six sets. How to delete them? More trial and error.
When I was finally back to one set I desperately sought the next step, looking for a sign that said Next or Payment. Nothing.

Eventually I spat the dummy and ordered the sheet set by dumb landline phone from the nearest store. It arrived without a problem..
Having had similar issues at other online stores, I am not a fan of internet shopping.
If I can get there, I appreciate the help and service provided by bricks and mortar shops.

Zoe Sterling
Guest Blogger

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