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How Easy Is It To Hack Your Business? – Podcast 003

See how easy it is to hack your business. Extremely important in this age.

Many businesses don’t realise that small businesses are just as at risk for cyberattacks as larger companies, but they are.
61% of data breach victims are small businesses
We will show you how easy it is to cause havoc with your site and data.
How can and should we mitigate these risks?
What can be done to protect ourselves – key steps to take.

We are pleased to have Jasmin Krapf, from Trusted Impact, to show us how easily this can happen.
Jasmin can show you what steps can be taken to protect your business data and your client’s data.

Trusted Impact (
A leading security consultancy focused entirely on helping you achieve your business objectives in the field of information security.
Listen to the podcast below or watch the live stream on Facebook here.


Image: Goran Ivos