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Amazon’s Cashless Store

Amazons first checkout free store opened this week. The store in Seattle known as ‘Amazon Go’ (how original) uses an array of cameras and sensors around the store to track shoppers movements and what items they remove from the store. The customer can then simply walk out of the store and they will be charged for the products they remove using a credit card on file. When customers enter they must use a turnstile entrance to scan a mobile app that identifies them. This innovation heralds a new challenge for the grocery market not only via innovation but because now the worlds largest online retailer, Amazon joined the space when they bought Whole Foods Market last year.


Amazon is yet the disclose if it intends to open more Go stores or even expand the technology to larger and more complex Whole Foods stores but knowing Amazon you can be sure this technology won’t go un-utilized.


A smaller, convenience style store opened in December 2016 exclusively to Amazon employees to test and troubleshoot the system. It ran into issues with identifying customers with similar body types and children also wreaked havoc when they moved items around the store and confused the system.


Vice president of Amazon Go, Gianna Puerini, said that the store worked extremely well during the test phase thanks to years of development and testing. “This technology didn’t exist,” she said. “It was really advancing the state of the art of computer vision and machine learning.”


Reactions online seem to be divided by age demographics. The older generation sees this as removing the human aspects of shopping for the sake of money whereas the younger generation like the efficiency and ease of use of this kind of technology.


Gerry Patey 22 Jan 2018 4:17

Um, dumb as dumb can be but if it is automated why visit?


UnevenSurface relying to Gerry Patey 22 Jan 2018 14:37

To buy stuff?



gryff 22 Jan 2018 5:10

What, if like me, you don’t have a smartphone with the app? Sorry, old wrinklie, go elsewhere?

Once in a while,I have made small purchases from Amazon – but my daughter buys those for me. I can’t see her buying my weekly groceries.

And the grocery fliers with sales, will I have to go to the Amazon store to find out the best deals? Or maybe it will be online somewhere?

So many questions – and not a lot of answers for someone who like personal interaction.

cheers, gryff 🙂


What implications can you see in the retail space with this new technology?