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How To Use Video Advertising To Grow Your Business.

Pick a product or service to promote

Julian O’hayon
When using video advertising to grow your business, choose one product or service you offer to promote. Keep focused on this one product or service throughout the video production process. Your video ads should aim to have a direct impact on sales or number of users. Ads just to promote your brand will quickly become a liability. If you don’t have a product to promote, what are you trying to advertise? The ad should also directly address the issue/problem your product/service solves.



Videos are extremely effective but to make the most of them you need support systems to make sure you are getting the most out of an ad as you can. Use your video to capture the customer and then upsell related products at checkout. Many sites use this tactic but in conjunction with effective video ads, it can be one of the most effective parts of your online store. If a customer is already captivated, try and squeeze every cent out of them you can. Not only to make more revenue but also to improve their experience of your product. When you think about how you enjoy your smartphone, you don’t think about the extra you paid for a case, but that could have represented up to 10% of your total purchase price.


Follow up strategy (especially Facebook)

Even when you have captured the customer and upsold to their heart’s content, you still have to work to make the final sale. Approximately $4.6 trillion worth of products will be abandoned at checkout this year. This means you have to work even harder to capture sales in that moment. Working with video means you can increase the urgency of sales, obviously you don’t want to go to the extent of infomercials but encouraging finalizing sales now is extremely important. How often do you see an ad on Facebook for something you were just searching for? This follow up using cookies is more difficult to enact but can be vastly more effective than cold advertising as the customer is already familiar with your product.


Lead generation and traffic

Igor Ovsyannykov
We all know that video ads are much more effective than flat images on Facebook. In fact, video ads can be 10x more effective than flat images. Create the best possible ads with your budget, with Facebook you are always better to go all in than to test with small amounts as you won’t see results. You should also use some market research tactics to test your ads and achieve what you want.


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Sam McGhee