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Second Wave of New Energy Jobs Fund

California based software developer Geli has received $850,000 from the Victorian government to create a new energy monitoring and control system that will be utilised by 1000 Victorian homes.


This is part of the second round of funding from the New Energy Jobs Fund.


Geli is working with Flextronics on the $3.18 million project to manufacture and install the system. The whole process will be locally produced directly creating seven jobs and over 80 indirectly.

The system will empower users to monitor the homes energy consumption, battery level, and usage as well as solar power generation in real time.

Lily D’Ambrosio, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change said,


“This is a fantastic opportunity for Victorians to learn more about their energy consumption and the benefits that new energy technologies can provide,”


“It’s like having an energy expert in your own home – households will receive vital information on their energy use and advice about improving efficiency, ultimately saving them money on their electricity bills.”


Geli also received funding in Round One, which allowed them to establish their Headquarters in Australia over other offerings.


See the full story on the Geli website here:


Round two of the New Energy Jobs Fund has been extremely successful with 21 projects receiving over $6 million in grants.

Another successful applicant, RayGen Resources, received $1 million towards their $3.8 million project to build a 0.5MW solar power plant in Newbridge as well as expand its export business.

The plant construction will create 22 new jobs across the design, construction and operation stages including three ongoing jobs when the plant is finished.


The expansion of their export business could create up to 70 local jobs in product and software engineering, manufacturing and sales.


Indigo Shire Council received almost $100,000 in grants to develop a Community Energy Retail Business Case.

The Upper House member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes said the $150,000 project will allow the council to develop a business case for the creation of a community energy retailer in Indigo Shire.