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Will the internet assist you to stay in your home longer?

It is well known that most older people, including those with a disability or chronic illness, desire independent living arrangements and want to remaining living in their own homes for as long as possible with support as required, rather than moving to a residential facility.

According to Forbes, the further evolution of the internet will profoundly transform the healthcare industry. As an example the advances in micro-technology can help prevent disease by alerting medical professionals of vitamin deficiencies, irregular cell counts, degrading organ functions or even cancer.

Already, nearly 75% of people say they’d be open to virtual doctor visits, and yet, among the elderly, 75% also fear social isolation. The internet will assist to prevent this occurring.

People are now starting to understand the benefits of using social media, video chat and instant messaging to keep in touch with family and friends.

The Dept of Health has issued a white paper which states that people who use the internet for social activities are 70% more involved in the physical community which has obvious health and wellbeing benefits.

The internet has the ability to keep you connected, healthy and hopefully wise!


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