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PC and Laptop Data Storage

Many people use PCs and Laptops, but few know how they work.

A little basic computer knowledge helps people keep it in top working condition. Knowing a little something about hard drives can be helpful.

Data Storage
The hard drive is your computer’s data storage device. Data is written to and read from the disk. The disk stores all the information needed by your computer – the operating system, drivers, software programs and, of course, the data (pictures, music, documents) you create and keep on your machine.

Hard drives have two basic characteristics that determine their functionality– their size (capacity) and the speed at which they can read and write data (performance). If you need to store a lot of data or use many software programs, getting a computer with a large hard drive — measured in Gigabytes (GBs) or Terabytes (TBs) — is essential. Filling up a hard drive has a negative impact on a device’s performance and ultimately their life span.

The performance of a hard drive will tell you how quickly the drive will be able to write or read data from it. If you use memory-heavy software, or create and manipulate complex files like videos, large graphics or music, a fast drive will come in very handy.

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