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Google tips – Become an advanced Googler, Part 1

To help you get the most out of Google:

Search within a specific site
If you know that you want your answer to come from within a specific website, or specific type of website (e.g. .org, .edu), you can precede your query with “site:” followed by the appropriate webpage. For example, if you wanted to search TronSystems for information on the ‘Apps’, you would type “Apps”

Search by file type
You can also search for specific types of files, such as PDFs, PPTs, or XLS, by adding “filetype:” and the 3-letter file abbreviation. E.g. “Apps filetype:pdf.”

Include or ignore words and characters in your search

If certain words are essential to your search, such as “the” or “and,” you can highlight them by putting quotation marks around them. You can also use the minus sign to specify particular items that you don’t want in your results, e.g. typing in “pick -your battles” would exclude the word “your” from the search.

Google has far more capability that we generally use. Give these searches a try.

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