Experienced Professionals

Lightsapp is an extremely flexible employment platform designed to connect experienced professionals with paid work supporting businesses.


Businesses can turn to us to find and hire experienced professionals on a permanent or casual basis for a few days, weeks or months as required.


We aim to provide a safe and secure environment to protect all parties. Record keeping, professional indemnity, invoicing and payment is handled professionally by a third party at a very low cost which is transparent when hiring.

Lightsapp can help with:


  • Process Mapping
  • Strategic Planning
  • Cyber Security
  • Marketing Planning and Execution
  • Execution of Business Plans

Lightsapp is built for:


For Experienced Professionals

Lightsapp helps you find interesting and rewarding (paid) jobs by making it easy for employers to find and engage you in an employment pool dedicated to skilled, experienced professionals. 


For Businesses

For smaller jobs on a casual basis, employees are often not interested or far too expensive. However, these types of jobs are often ideal for experienced professionals transitioning to small business ownership or part-time roles. Lightsapp is designed to quickly and easily filter the candidates who are actively seeking work, available and meet your criteria. When you find your ideal candidate just make them an offer via the platform.

  • Business Process Improvement
  • IT Solutions
  • Digital Strategy
  • Human Resource Management
  • Acting (Temporary) Senior Managment

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